Cleopatra’s Kitchen

Cleopatras Kitchen serves up a Taste of the Middle East specialising in handcrafted chicken and lamb shawarma which is marinated in house for 48 hours before being stacked onto kebab skewers and slow cooked on a rotating spit. From freshly baked bread each morning to our homemade falafel and sauces, no corners are cut. 

What’s on their menu:

SHAWARMA ARABIYA – A special dish that we only bring out every so often. Handcrafted chicken shawarma, parsley, red onion, pickled cucumbers, pomegranate molasses glaze, homemade garlic sauce with a touch of chilli all in a grilled tortilla wrap. Chopped into 8 pieces and placed around a bed of sumac dusted fries. Finished with slices of cucumber, tomatoes and lemon.
SHAWARMA HOUMOUS – Our handcrafted chicken or lamb shawarma sitting on a bed of silky smooth tahini Houmous. Simple yet utterly delicious.

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