Back in November 2020, like the whole of the nation, we were moved and inspired by the actions of Marcus Rashford in his attempts to tackle the issue of food poverty across the country.

From what started as a few calls to action across our social media channels, our enthusiasm to make a difference snowballed.

Teaming up with local councillors, MP’s, charities and independent food traders, the ‘Northfield Food Service’ was then born soon after. Our mission was simply to prepare and deliver as many meals as possible to children in the area.

The constituency of Northfield has the highest level of free school meals provisions in the entire country and since launching our initiative, we have prepped, cooked, and delivered over 15,000 meals to children in the area as well as a full Christmas dinner hamper to hundreds more on Christmas Eve.

Now, we are expanding this initiative and are looking to go one step further.

As of today, Wednesday 30th June we are delighted to announce that we will go even further.

We have officially had approval to set up a CIC. A CIC stands for ‘Community Interest Company’. CIC’s are not for profit, and any profit goes back in to the CIC to fund more initiatives.

The ‘DDC CIC’ will provide benefit to people living in the West Midlands including, people living in areas of high social deprivation across the country with a focus on young people and families.

Through its activities, we will promote positive health, wellbeing, education, and community participation. Helping to build empowered, healthier and more resilient citizens and communities.

Creating employability opportunities for young people will be at the heart of the DDC CIC.

We will have more news on what we will be up to very very soon. Please stay tuned.